Synapse: Simple, Smart Applications for Care and Population Health Management

  • “Risk stratification is one of the many new tools we will need as we begin to practice population-based care.”

    David B. Nash, MD, MBA
  • 100% Cloud

    100% Cloud

    Built entirely on the industry’s most trusted cloud platform,, Synapse has best in class security and privacy protection and is fully HIPAA compliant

  • Stratification


    • Make more informed decisions
    • Predict patient behaviors and assess risks
    • Discover and address gaps in care
    • Categorize patient groups and identify trends
    • Powerful reporting engine, real time reports and dashboards

laptopEasy to use, HIPAA-compliant and customizable, Synapse™ is Synaptic Advisory Partners' flagship population health and care management platform. Built on, Synapse aggregates patient data from medical records, claims databases, data warehouses and registries to create a 360-degree view of the patients in your population. Synapse uses a predictive model to stratify patients by a host of metrics including risk level, health condition category, and total cost of claims, in order to ensure that patients are assigned to the right care plan or program.  

Care plan team members access Synapse using a secure web-based log-in. Once logged in, they collaborate with each other and with patients using a live chat feed that updates in real-time. Additionally, using Synapse’s care management application, members of the care team can view and update a patient’s care plan, set alerts and notifications, add a care team member and manage all current cases. Patients and primary caregivers can also access care plans through the care management application’s intuitive patient portal. Computer

Synapse connects with many of the systems currently running in hospitals, outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and physicians’ offices and tracks your patients across the entire continuum of care. Every medication, adverse event, patient assessment, and visit note can be captured in Synapse’s care management application and retrieved with the click of a single button. To help care teams integrate health assessments and surveys with patient records, Synapse’s Forms Engine uses smart healthcare assessment software to generate and collect patient responses. The results of all assessments and surveys are captured and stored on the patient’s care plan. With an intuitive search engine, smart Forms Engine, and flexible design, Synapse allows care team members to quickly search for patient information and avoid duplicate data entry.

TabletAs part of its care plan coordination application, Synapse includes post-acute provider scorecards that benchmark providers in your local market or designated geographic area. These benchmarks include quality and performance metrics such as number of patient falls, readmissions rates, and patient satisfaction scores. Care managers use these metrics in conjunction with Synapse’s referral management module to select and recommend providers for follow-up care.

Based on years of experience and input from leading healthcare organizations in the United States, Synapse is the synthesis of best practices in care management software and population health management applications.

Synapse: A simple solution, on any device

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