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The smartest, easiest-to-use and fastest-to-deploy software solution, supporting innovative healthcare organizations in the quest to transform modern healthcare delivery

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Get up and running faster

Integrate records, consume patient data and train staff in record time. One successful ACO was fully installed with Synapse in just 3 weeks.

Achieve significant savings

Create greater efficiencies while driving quality of care. One high-performing ACO achieved savings of 8%, or $16 million, with Synapse.

Improve quality of care

Reach patients in more meaningful ways. A nationwide managed care organization reduced calls required to schedule home visits by 87%.

Going to the primary care physician has proven statistically to reduce admissions and keep patients healthier. Without the real-time information we have through Synapse, there is no way to do that…When you see it in action, it’s very impressive.

The care management software platform to help improve your outcomes

What use is your data if it’s not telling you what you need to know, when you need to know it? Synapse is fast to implement; it helps you hit the ground running, turning your data into actionable and insightful patient information in record time. Our four interactive modules work together to create a complete coordinated care management solution, built on the world’s most innovative, secure and reliable platform,

Intelligent population stratification:

Harness your data. By providing the ability to drill down, Synapse population health management software helps you create patient profiles that highlight distinctive and important patterns. Delivering exceptional care requires these insights: the patterns of behavior and engagement between patients and their care teams.

  • Get a 360-degree population view by integrating all of your data
  • Segment your population with geographic, risk-adjustment models
  • Interact with clear and visual dashboards to dive into targeted patient needs
  • Drill down from a population-to-patient view to engage with your targets

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Simple scheduling:

Scheduling doesn’t get any simpler. Synapse provides real-time provider and patient locations, which are vital to scheduling more responsive, efficient and meaningful visits. It amounts to happier providers, more productive administrators and healthier patients.

  • Schedule knowing real-time provider and patient locations at all times
  • Leverage distance and travel time information to make scheduling decisions
  • Immediately access every provider's availability across time and distance
  • Provide travel choice, convenience and flexibility to your mobile team

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Smart forms and assessments:

Forms and assessments don’t have to be difficult to build or use. Done right, they have the power to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Synapse makes forms drag-and-drop simple, on-the-go accessible, and game-changing smart.

  • Build intuitive, intelligent forms with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Perform real-time communication with integrated data systems providing full audit ability
  • Auto-populate form fields based on patient criteria and care plans
  • Capture photos and communicate with smart devices during visits
  • Sync data automatically to maintain up-to-the-minute coordinated care plans
  • Run smart reports that identify trends and patterns across patients

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Insightful care management:

Synapse allows you to provide better, more personalized patient care. It creates insightful views of your population dynamically and without IT support. Ultimately, it improves outcomes and reduces unnecessary costs. All that, plus the simplest-to-use interface available on the market.

  • Easily and quickly access and share data from CMS, HIEs and EHRs
  • Identify the most at-risk individuals in your population
  • Intelligently outreach to patients telephonically or in person
  • Conduct smart assessments to flag areas of concern
  • Assign interventions using population-based intelligence
  • Use real-time collaboration to transform the patient-provider experience
  • Benefit from outcome and cost insights for every intervention
  • Create personalized care plans to meet the needs of each patient

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Passionate people invested in your success

Synapse is delivered by a team with a passion for wellness. Our people share a common belief that anything is possible in the quest to deliver better care. Contact us today to find out more about Synapse and the team behind this product. We look forward to speaking to you.